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Jannis Ötjengerdes

IT specialist for application development, currently studying computer science in university. Based in Bremen. Focused on building great software architecture and designing intuitive products. Loves to travel the world and explore all the things which wants to be discovered.

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Latest Projects


Web-based logic-based puzzle game, which is similar to Sudoku. It is themed like the inside of a computer.
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We can't stop!

We Can't Stop is a sidescrolling jump-n-run game for two players who cooperatively try to reach the goal area. Developed on Global Game Jam 2018.
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Sharing and receiving information in real-time by voice commands using wearables. Project on Hackathon Bremen: Industrie 4.0 where we won the sponsor challenge "Tour de Groupe" from logicline GmbH.
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Two Men's Morris

Web based game Nine Men's Morris with an artificial intelligence build-in (using the minimax algorithm).
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